Inflatable Pics

Bounce House/ Slide with pool

Slide may be rented alone, or Slide may be rented with just the pool, or the slide may be rented with just the bounce house.  This Bounce house may not be rented by itself.

(foot print of the Slide is 13'x27', of the Bounce House Slide is 13'x39', of  the whole package is 13'x48') Height of Slide is 23'



Bouncy Boxing (Footprint is 19'x19')

Pedestal Jousting (Footprint is 20'x20', and is about 4' high)


Princess Combo --Bounce house with slide. (Footprint is 13'x27')


Princess House (Footprint is 15'x15')


Sports Combo --Bounce house with slide (Footprint is 13'x27')




Rocket House (Footprint is 15'x15')


Fun House (Footprint is 15'x15')

Knocker Balls (up to 8 of them)

Obstacle Course, very large (26' x 38' x 17' high). 

Three separate units that attach together. The two side units are mirror immages of each other. They are 7' x 38' x 12' high; the Center piece is 12' x 38' x 17' high.  Two people can race, one starting on the left, and one starting on the right.  They will exit from the center, where the "Adrenaline Rush" sign is.

Front of the Obstacle Course

(Above: front; below: side; bottom: back)

Side of the Obstacle Course

Back of the Obstacle Course